Submission Guidelines

So you think you want to submit to We Are Like Your Child? Great! We want to hear from a large number of people, about how you manage to exist in a world that isn't made for you, and yet like yourself anyway.

Some guidelines:

1. This blog prints submissions from disabled people only. Not from non-disabled parents on behalf of their children, or caregivers, just disabled people. This is a collection of our voices.

2. This blog is not the appropriate venue for supercrip/shiny Aspie stories, nor is it a place for tragedy porn. Do we talk about hard stuff? Oh yeah. Or we will. But we're coming from a perspective where disabled and happy are not mutually exclusive.

3. Wordcount? Psht whatever. Some people write long, some people write short, s'all good.

4. Actually I can only think of 3 guidelines right now.

5. I was wrong, I have another. We do reserve the right to not publish pieces, or to request editing. There may not be anything 'wrong' exactly, we just may not be the best fit.

Still think you want to submit? Currently the place of contact is the We Are Like Your Child Facebook page. This is subject to change.


  1. I would like to submit this. I will write something original for the site at some point but I would really like to have this posted as well.

  2. I don't have facebook, but I'd like to submit this:

    It's an analysis of social domain theory (a theory in psychology) and how it explains neurodiversity advocates' position on ABA treatment.